Fred Nelson and Vince Theuma

It is with regret that we report on the recent deaths of Fred Nelson, retired Secretary of the Printing & Kindred Industries Union, Victorian Branch and Vince Theuma, retired Organiser of the AMWU (Metals Division).

Fred Nelson was a long time official of the PKIU, going on to become Victorian Branch Secretary for over eight years. He served on many state and national bodies of the Union, and made a significant contribution to trade unionism in the printing industry. One of the highlights of Fred’s career was the achievement of the 35 hour working week in the printing industry in the early 1980s.

Vince Theuma was an Organiser for over twenty years in the AMWU (Metals Division). He was fearless in pursuit of wage justice for his union members and seldom took a backward step in advancing the interests of trade unionism. Vince was involved in many great struggles endeavouring to carry out the policies of the AMWU, in particular the ACI Glass dispute with members being on the picket line for over 104 days. He served with distinction on many state and national committees of the Union.

To the families of Fred and Vince we extend our deepest sympathies.

Brian Smiddy

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  1. Gavin Bell says:

    Hi Brian, just picked up the death of Fred today.Sorry to hear that. Do you have a copy of those early documents on the NZ printers Union links to the Australian Printers Union around 1862 from memory.It was the Typographers linked to the Melbourne Branch I think


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