Annie O’Brien

O’BRIEN (nee CARROLL), Annie (c.1874-1925)

B. c.1874. D. of Joseph Carroll. M. Joseph O’Brien. 1s.1d. D. 23 Feb. 1925, Brunswick, Vic.

Founding secretary, Vic. Labor Women’s Organising Committee, 1917, retaining post until death in 1925. Active in the 1919 maritime strike, Melbourne. Prominent in the 1924 (?) bread boycott against profiteering. Fundraiser for Women’s Hospital and other charities. Also campaigned for the appointment of women Justices of the Peace. Close associate of Mary Rogers.

Gibbney & Smith; Labor Call, 26 Feb. & 5 March 1925; Worker (Sydney), 4 March 1925.

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