Daniel John (‘Dan’) O’Connell

O’CONNELL, Daniel John (‘Dan’) (c.1878-1944)

B. ? M. ? 2s. 2d. (+) D. 10 May, 1944

Telegraph messenger with Victorian Postal Service at Brighton, Melbourne in 1892 and transferred to Albert Park c.1892; Bicycle pillar clearer 1898-1911?; Qualified for promotion in postal side of service in and later was promoted to Senior Postal Clerk at Hawthorn; Moved to Telegraph Branch in Melbourne and became acting telegraphist in 1916 and, after passing clerical exam was appointed telegraphist, a position he held until retirement; Retired in 1943 but agreed to work as a temporary telegraphist while wartime need existed; Joined Postal and Telegraphists Assoc. and subsequently became foundation member of Federated Assistants’ Association and held position of exec. Member including secretary; Represented Victorian Branch as delegate; Member, Victorian committee and branch committee when Third Division Postal Clerk’s and Telegraphists Union was formed; Editor, ‘Australian Telegraphist’ in 1926-29; General Sec., Third Division Postal Clerk’s and Telegraphists Union 1929-43; Advocate in Industrial Court, 1929-43 with duties including representing postal clerks and senior postal clerks in 1930 before the Public Service Arbitrator, presenting a case involving temporary employment before a Parliamentary Committee and participating in conferences with Departmental representatives over the issue of meal breaks; appearing before Public Service Arbitrator in cases involving time-in-lieu, travelling allowance and award conditions including a notable case in 1939 of gaining substantial increases in pay for postal clerks and senior postal clerks; Represented union on High Council of Commonwealth Public Service Organisations for 14 yrs and held offices of President and Vice-President; Gained life membership of union

Australian Telegraphist, 20 Aug. 1937 p.3, 20 May 1944 pp.3-4; Australian Postal Clerk, 29 May 1944, 28 July 1943 p.22


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