THANK YOU BILL: William Horace (Bill) Langlois

By Rowan Cahill*   William Horace (Bill) Langlois died in September 2015, aged 92. When I first met him, back in 1970, he was twenty-two years older than me, a time span that now, me writing at the age of 70, seems brief, but in the eyes and mind of the youth that was me... Continue Reading →

Bobbie Oliver on Australia’s Secret War by Hal Colebatch

Book Review: Hal Colebatch, Australia’s Secret War: How unionists sabotaged our troops in World War II (Quadrant Books, Sydney, 2013), 340pp, $44.95 hard back. By Bobbie Oliver I have always regarded with some scepticism books whose titles include words such as ‘Secret’ or ‘Untold’, because they bear the connotation that someone has deliberately obscured the... Continue Reading →

‘Anthropologists, Spooks, and the Boys Who Went To War’ by Rowan Cahill

Rowan Cahill: I became aware of the rudiments of this story during the 1970s and 80s in my various associations with the former Seamen’s Union of Australia (now part of the Maritime Union of Australia), and the now defunct Communist Party of Australia. It was in these environments I first heard about, and met former members of, a strange... Continue Reading →

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