Australian Society for the Study of Labour History 

(Federal Society and Branches):




Canberra Region

Illawarra Region




Australian sites of interest

Alan Roberts: ecologist, scientist, revolutionary democrat, socialist

An Integral State: Elizabeth Humphry’s blogsite

Australian Living Peace Museum

Australian Trade Union Archives

BLF History Committee Gallagher pamphlet

Brunswick Coburg Anti-Conscription Centenary

Business and Labour History Research Group (Sydney University)

Chris White’s blogsite

Damien Cahill: thoughts on politics, economy and culture

Douglas Newton’s webpage

Green Bans Art Walk

Hatful of History: Evan Smith’s website

Honest History

International Australian Studies Association

John Brant Ellis – Documentary Photographer, Political Activist and Printer

Koori History Website

Labor Arts


Maritime Union of Australia (history page)

Museum of Australian Democracy

Narratives of Oral History (Catalogue of Wendy Lowenstein’s Pioneering Recordings 1966-1999)

National Museum of Labour

Radical Sydney: the website of Rowan Cahill and Terry Irving

Reason in Revolt: Source documents of Australian Radicalism

Rowan Cahill: Radical Historian, Author, Educator

Sam Wallman

Savage Democracy: Radical Political History (Terry Irving)

The History of the Australian Minimum Wage (by Reg Hamilton)

University of Melbourne Archives

Watermelon: blogsite by Hall Greenland

Watermelon: blogsite by Tony Harris


International sites of interest

Edward and Dorothy Thompson Website

International Institute of Social History

Labor History Links

Labor and Working Class History Association

Labour History Project (NZ)

Labour History Review

People’s History Museum

Social History Portal

Society for the Study of Labour History (UK)

The International Association of Labour History Institutions

The Tamiment Library & Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives

WWW Virtual Library Labour History


Margaret Walters

John Warner

Union Songs

Victorian Trade Union Choir

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