Jack Mundey

Verity Burgmann Jack Mundey (17/10/1929-10/05/2020), legendary leader of the green bans movement, showed the world how important workers could be in protecting the planet.[1] ‘What is the good of fighting to improve wages and conditions’, he asked unionists, ‘if we are going to choke to death in polluted and plan-less cities.’[2] He emphasized that workers... Continue Reading →


Dr Amanda Tattersall interviews the legendary BLF trade union organiser Jack Mundey about the Green Bans movement of the 1970s. Recorded at his home on 8th April, 2015: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAidqyj0SPM   The Deregistration of the Builders Labourers Federation, the Victorian Story by John Tognolini: https://youtu.be/QIYb45qfIAU   The Occupation of Cockatoo Island 1989 by Frances Kelly &... Continue Reading →

Joe Owens

Verity Burgmann on Joe Owens On 20th September the cranes of Sydney stopped for one minute during the memorial service at the NSW Trades Hall to commemorate the life of Joe Owens, who died at the age of 77. Joe succeeded Jack Mundey as Secretary of the NSW Builders Labourers’ Federation, a position he occupied... Continue Reading →

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