Honest History presents an alternative view of the centenary of Anzac. There is a risk that four years of military commemoration will topple over into Anzackery, overblown, sentimental, jingoistic commemoration-cum-celebration, often with a political or commercial purpose. Honest History’s motto is ‘not only Anzac, but also (lots of other strands of Australian history)’. While Anzac and war are important in our history – not so much because of what Australians did in war but because of what war did to Australia and Australians – there are many other strands of our history equally deserving of investigation, presentation, commemoration and celebration.

Accordingly, the Honest History website contains masses of resources covering the spread of our history, environmental, political, social, cultural, scientific and so on, as well as military. The website will be on display in the foyer during the conference. Honest History also is on the lookout for new writing on Australian history and general historiography that can be published on the website to be used by students, teachers, journalists and people interested in history.

Honest History is a coalition of historians and others supporting the balanced and honest presentation and use of Australian history during the centenary of World War I. Its president is Professor Peter Stanley and it is supported by a number of distinguished Australian historians.

For further information contact David Stephens, the Secretary of Honest History at admin@honesthistory.net.au

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